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How's My Driving / Driver Call-In Program


Our Safety Call In Driver Observation program helps companies with only one vehicle to those with thousands of vehicles. Companies with driving fleets in a variety of industries, including trucking, law enforcement, education, delivery services, can benefit from this program. Decals stating that your company drivers are part of the “how’s my driving” program advertises to the public that your company takes an active role in public safety.
KELMAR Safety, Inc. works with each location of your company in maintaining an accurate list for every unique number and the employee / vehicle to which it is assigned. This is key in identifying the driver operating a vehicle at any given time.
KELMAR Safety, Inc. offers annual subscription containing:

Live Operator Service:

  • Live operator service 8 AM - 8 PM EST - Recording After Hours
  • Toll-free number provided
  •  All messages recorded and attached to an e-mailed written report
  • Unlimited number of call-ins
  • Script for live operator is designed to gain maximum amount of information from the caller—requesting unit number, location, road conditions, concern or compliment and caller’s contact information


  • 1” high Sequential Numbering
  • 9”x18” durable vinyl that can withstand the elements
  • Permanent adhesive for staying power
  • Your customized message
  • White, Black or Yellow background with 1 or 2 color lettering

Reporting and Tracking

  • Messages noted with date and time when call was received
  •  Report sent within minutes of call-in between 8am-5pm
  • All messages received after 8pm will be sent at 8am the next day.
  • Monthly reports on all account activity
  • Closed vs Open response to the event to ensure information is being utilized.

The “how’s my driving” program provides your company direct feedback for what your drivers are doing on the road. It can reveal driving patterns that can be corrected through defensive driving training.

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