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Employee Background Check


KELMAR Safety, Inc. provides the services and expertise your company needs to work smarter. We offer services ranging from criminal background checks to employee training, from industry compliance to data entry, tracking and reporting. We keep abreast of the latest technologies available to ensure security and success for your company. Our employees all go through background checks and are consistently monitored for accuracy. All investigations are Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) and Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) compliant.

KELMAR Safety, Inc. Services
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Search
    Ensuring a Social Security Number (SSN) is valid is the best place to start a background search. The Social Security Number (SSN) search tells you what person(s) are associated with a particular Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Criminal Record Check
    Criminal record background checks should be conducted in all industries. Especially those that allow an employee into another person’s home or works with children. Background checks on employees can be done at the county, state and national level.
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) / Driving Record Check
    A motor vehicle report (MVR)is an essential part of any driving candidate’s background check, especially for industries involving driving children or meeting Department of Transportation requirements. 
  • Sex Offenders Registry Search
    A national sex offender registry search is vital information for all companies and organizations putting employees or volunteers into situations with minors.
  • Employment History Background Check
    An employment history search provides adverse employment history records (up to 10 years) on a candidate that may continue in your workplace. Verifying employment history is fundamental.
  • Education Verification
    Reporting a college degree or attendance is the most commonly misrepresented piece of information a job candidate supplies. An education background check verifies what the candidate reports.
  • USA Patriot Act - Terror Watch List
    Since its inception in October of 2001 the Patriot Act has influenced the management of physical and electronic records. KELMAR Safety, Inc. ensures our customers are Patriot Act compliant regarding terrorist watch list searches.
  • Employee Drug Testing
    Employees who abuse drugs and alcohol at work cost their employers an amount equal to one-quarter of their annual salaries in hidden costs. Implementing employee drug testing and conducting pre-employment drug screening strengthens your company.
  • How's My Driving / Driver Call-In Program
    The “how’s my driving” safety call-in program helps companies with only one vehicle to those with thousands of vehicles.

Verifying your employee’s background and previous employment history heightens your company’s reliability and reduces its liability. If your employees enter customers’ homes, you want to be sure your company isn’t at risk for unsavory acts. Knowing your employees is one of the smartest business moves you can make. KELMAR Safety, Inc. can help. Our services, customized to meet your hiring criteria, protect your company from negligent hiring and retention liabilities.

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