Reasonable Suspicion Training Courses

Companies must comply with part 49 CFR 382.603 requirements regarding alcohol and controlled substance abuse. Our online Reasonable Suspicion Training Programs prepare supervisors to identify physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of misuse. Upon completion, supervisors will receive a certificate of completion and the confidence to require drivers to undergo testing if reasonable suspicion arises.

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DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Courses
DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Courses

Train Your Supervisors with the Tools They Need.

Give your managers confidence in their ability to appropriately determine reasonable suspicion and act on it today!

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Fine-Free Guarantee™
KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-Free Guarantee™

The KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-FREE Guarantee™ states that in the event that your company incurs a fine as a result of a DOT audit, related to services provided by KELMAR Safety, and your company has followed KELMAR Safety’s advice to the fullest extent, we will pay the portion of the fine related to that service.

KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-Free Guarantee™