Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

Choose KELMAR Safety Inc. for the best substance use testing program. Our expertise in DOT regulations and commitment to meeting company and customer requirements ensures a healthy and safe work environment. Avoid fines, penalties, and liabilities. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.

Drug and Alcohol Screening DOT Drug-Free Workplace
Drug and Alcohol Screening DOT Drug-Free Workplace

Tests include but not limited to:

Pre-Employment Screening

Ensure that all new employees pass pre-employment screening to confirm they are not suffering from substance abuse issues before onboarding.

Random Drug & Alcohol Screening

DOT regulations and testing percentages are critical to ensuring road safety across the United States. The Department of Transportation (DOT) sets national standards for commercial vehicles, including truck weight limits, hours of service, and equipment requirements. These regulations aim to reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by fatigue, equipment failures, or other road hazards. Additionally, the DOT requires regular drug and alcohol testing of commercial drivers, with testing percentages varying depending on the type of testing conducted.

Post-Accident Screening

Post-accident screening evaluates employees' health after an incident to ensure safe return to work. It includes medical history, physical exam, diagnostic tests, and psychological evaluations to prevent future accidents.

FMCSA Clearinghouse Administrator

KELMAR Safety can act as your FMCSA Clearinghouse Administrator. We will oversee operations, maintain compliance, provide support, manage data, and help you ensure public safety.

Reasonable Suspicion Screening & Training

Reasonable suspicion screening is important for maintaining a safe workplace. Employers use it to identify employees who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job. A screening program can reduce accidents, boost productivity, and prevent legal problems. Employers should follow all laws and regulations. By investing in our reasonable suspicion screening program, employers can ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

Return to Duty Screening

If an individual requires testing after a positive drug screen, we are available to provide assistance with return-to-duty testing.

Follow-up Screening

If you offer a second chance for those who failed a screening, we will ensure DOT compliance is met.

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Safety and Compliance for DOT and Drug-Free Workplaces.

Our Safety screening solutions for DOT-regulated and drug-free workplaces have you covered!

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Fine-Free Guarantee™
KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-Free Guarantee™

The KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-FREE Guarantee™ states that in the event that your company incurs a fine as a result of a DOT audit, related to services provided by KELMAR Safety, and your company has followed KELMAR Safety’s advice to the fullest extent, we will pay the portion of the fine related to that service.

KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-Free Guarantee™