Applicant Tracking System

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed specifically for DOT-regulated companies to streamline their hiring process and ensure compliance with regulations.Ā 

With a user-friendly interface, our system allows your applicants to easily fill out and submit an application, along with all required release forms online regardless of what device they use.Ā Ā 

You are immediately notified of an application to review when the application is submitted. Ā You decide if interested and want us to move forward with our screening services or stop the process if you are not.Ā 

Our applicant tracking system easily integrates with all of our other DOT compliance services so you can get your new hires on-boarded as quickly as possible.

Features such as Employment Screening, MVR services, Drug and Alcohol Screening, FMCSA Clearinghouse Administration, and Driver Qualification File Management, to name a few, make it easy to integrate and maintain a safe, reliable workforce.Ā 

Trust our Application Tracking System to simplify and optimize your recruitment and onboarding processes.

Our DOT driver qualification file management software provides an efficient solution for fleet managers seeking complete compliance with federal regulations for your DOT and non-CDL employees.Ā 

We back our work, which is why ourĀ KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-Free Guaranteeā„¢Ā is offered.

With our comprehensive yet intuitive software, managing and tracking driver qualification files, CDL licenses, medical certificates, driving records, and more is effortless.Ā 

Our advanced system sends reminders to update or renew driversā€™ qualifications and other expiring documents, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.Ā 

Strengthen your compliance management through our DOT driver qualification file software and experience the peace of mind that comes with staying fully compliant.

Why use KELMAR Safety for your Applicant Tracking System?

Department of Transportation Driver Qualification Management Software
Department of Transportation Driver Qualification Management Software

Automate Your DOT Applicant Recruiting Process!

Our ATS is specifically designed for DOT-regulated companies to help you achieve maximum hiring success. Ensure all your hiring objectives are met and more with our reliable screening services.

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Fine-Free Guaranteeā„¢
KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-Free Guaranteeā„¢

The KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-FREE Guaranteeā„¢ states that in the event that your company incurs a fine as a result of a DOT audit, related to services provided by KELMAR Safety, and your company has followed KELMAR Safetyā€™s advice to the fullest extent, we will pay the portion of the fine related to that service.

KELMAR Safety DOT Fine-Free Guaranteeā„¢